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Course Notes


Canine Lameness Learning Module DVD

Heather Caprette, MS
Jonathan Dyce, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, DSAO, DACVS

The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides an interactive study of normal canine gait, and the expression of lameness caused by hip dysplasia and cranial cruciate ligament rupture, the two most common causes of hindlimb lameness in the dog. The module gives a unique insight into the movement of dogs.

The dogs (greyhound, labrador retriever, terrier) are rendered as stick figures using optical motion capture techniques, and compared to video footage. The user can choose to view side, overhead or frontal projections, and slow down the recording to highlight aspects of gait. Dogs are shown walking, trotting and climbing stairs. This module is easy to use and there is a helpful text and audio tutorial accompaniment.

The learning module was initially intended to assist the training of veterinary students at The Ohio State University, to improve their ability to perform an orthopedic examination of the lame dog. The material is recommended for veterinary students, veterinarians and canine physical rehabilitation practitioners. Whether you are simply curious about the way your dog moves, or an experienced veterinary orthopedic surgeon, this module provides an unprecedented educational opportunity.

Proceeds from purchase of the DVD will support the Canine Physical Rehabilitation Unit at The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.